Arthritis Management Plan

At Melbourne Hand Rehab we understand the impact that hand arthritis can have on your life.

Your hand therapist will perform a thorough assessment of your hands and discuss all the requirements of your day to day life.

Your initial few treatment sessions will include ergonomic advice and joint protection strategies to enable you to take the best possible care of your hands.

These sessions will include some form of bracing using leather, plastic or neoprene supports or gloves for specific times and activities.

Your hands will be warmed in a wax bath and the hand therapist will massage your hands and forearms to release tension and pain from the area.

You will also receive a simple home exercise program to follow on a regular basis to maximise the range of movement in your hands.

The ongoing management of your hand arthritis will be discussed with you during your initial treatment sessions.

Arthritis is a degenerative condition and currently there is no cure. Your initial treatment sessions will result in a reduction of your pain and an excellent understanding of how to best prevent further problems.

Continuous treatment is not required. We recommend a schedule of regularly spaced visits of six weeks as the ideal ongoing management of hand arthritis.

At these review appointments, we do wax baths and hand massage to relieve any pain or tension that may have built up in your hands.

We take the opportunity during the treatment sessions to discuss any new problems or bracing/splinting issues.

When booking arthritis review appointment we require 40 minutes for two hands and 20 minutes for one hand. Please make sure you are allocated the correct amount of time when you are calling for these appointments.