Lymphoedema Management

Treatment of lymphatic conditions and lymphoedema management

Lymphatic conditions benefit from seeing a certified lymphoedema therapist. Melbourne Hand Rehab lymphoedema management therapists are physiotherapists or occupational therapists with accredited lymphoedema training and who have completed over 135 hours of training specific to the lymphatic system.


What is lymphoedema?


Your lymphatic system is a part of your body’s circulatory system. It’s job is to:


  • Help move debris and waste from your tissues
  • Protect your body from infection and
  • Help return fluid and proteins from the tissues back into the circulatory system


In short, the lymphatic system is the sanitation department for your body.


It’s time to get help if you think you have any stubborn swelling. This could show up as:


  • Swelling post cancer treatments
  • Poor circulation
  • After a surgery
  • Obesity
  • After an infection
  • Swelling with an ulcer or
  • You could have just been born with it


We are also skilled at identifying and treating lipoedema, a condition in which irregular fat cells are distributed in specific areas of the body. These fat cells are resistant to dietary changes and cause swelling to remain in the tissues.

Assessment and treatment


At Melbourne Hand Rehab, we perform a detailed assessment which may include:


  • Detailed history
  • Limb volume measurements
  • Staging analysis and/or
  • Skin assessment


Lymph therapists use a number of different techniques to get your fluid moving. Our therapists are trained in the Vodder technique as well as the fluorescent guided manual lymph drainage method. Both techniques use gentle, rhythmic movements that work in time with the lymphatic vessels.


Your therapist may use:


  • Compression bandaging
  • Lymphatic taping
  • Exercise programme and/or
  • Fit you with specialised day/night garmenting


Let’s get you moving…

Melbourne Hand Rehab Lymphoedema Management Treatment
Melbourne Hand Rehab Lymphoedema Management Treatment

Lymphoedema management clinics


Our lymphology clinics are situated in Melbourne and Moorabbin.


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