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Do I need a referral?


No, you can simply make a booking. You do not need a referral from your doctor to see a hand therapist as a private patient.


However, a doctor’s referral is required if you are claiming through a compensable body such as WorkSafe, TAC or the DVA.

Is Hand Therapy covered by Medicare?


Hand Therapy is partly covered by Medicare in certain circumstances. If you have a chronic health issue such as arthritis you may be eligible to have Medicare cover some of your treatment costs. This requires your GP to give you a referral to a hand therapist under the Chronic Disease Management plan (CDM – formerly called EPC*).


You will need to bring a CDM referral from your GP, and your Medicare card, to be able to claim a Medicare rebate on your consultation.


Please note that full payment for your consultation and splint is required on the day of treatment. Your CDM rebate will then be claimed for you through Medicare for hand therapy consultations and your rebate will be deposited straight back into your account by Medicare. Additional items such as splints are not covered by Medicare.


CDM plans are only applicable to chronic conditions and in certain circumstances. Speak to your doctor about your eligibility, or visit the Medicare and Department of Health websites.


*Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) care planning items were removed from the Medicare Benefits Schedule in 2005 and replaced by the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) items (721 -732). The term ‘EPC plan’ is now obsolete.

Do you accept NDIS patients?


Yes, Melbourne Hand Rehab is an approved provider for NDIS.


The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a government funded service for people with permanent disabilities under the age of 65. NDIS provides funding for supports to an individual that they need to survive. Our services include therapeutic supports (physiotherapy and occupational therapy), custom prosthetics and splints, and adaptive equipment for independence.


Simply call us for an appointment. You will be asked a few questions regarding how you are managed with NDIS (self-managed or by a plan manager). We will answer any questions that you may have regarding the process including therapy, splinting, billing, and scheduling.

Do you have a Home Visit or Telehealth service?


Yes, we have a specialised hand therapy online video consultation (Telehealth) service helping people in rural and remote Australia, time constrained individuals and patients with mobility issues. We also offer a Home Visit service.


Please refer to our Telehealth information page HERE for more details.

Refer HERE for information of our Home Visit service.

Are hand therapists physiotherapists or occupational therapists?


Hand therapists have either a physiotherapy or an occupational therapy degree.


Hand therapy is an area of advanced practice for both these professions. The experience and expertise required to become a hand therapist is learned in the years following graduation. This includes ongoing courses, work experience alongside qualified hand therapists and hand surgeons, and private study.


At Melbourne Hand Rehab, we have a thorough mentoring and skills sharing program. This ensures there is no difference in the treatments you will receive from our therapists regardless of their undergraduate degree.


The only difference you will find is with your private health fund rebates. Some funds rebate more for occupational therapy than physiotherapy, and vice versa. Check with your fund provider, or if you are in the clinic, we may be able to provide an estimate for you.

Do I need to pay on the day?


Private patients and CDM patients (Medicare) pay on the day of their consultation. Medicare will provide your rebate to you after you have paid the appointment cost in full.


WorkSafe, TAC and DVA patients are bulk billed (unless the appointment is with a senior clinician).

What is Medipass?


Melbourne Hand Rehab are pleased to offer the option of digital payments via Medipass. Payment can be made using Apple, Google Pay or via credit card.


Medipass works very similar to most payment services you may already be familiar with. Following your appointment you will receive an SMS with a link that will prompt you to enter your details to complete the payment. Here, you can view and approve the payment request, which may include a claim component as well.


For a guide to how to Pay vis SMS with Medipass, click HERE

What do I need to bring to my initial consultation?


If you are a musician or athlete, please bring in the instruments or sports equipment that you are using with your injured hand. If this isn’t possible, it would be helpful if you have a video recording of this activity.


If you have had any imaging done, please bring all results with you.


Prior to your initial consultation, please make sure to come to your appointment 10 minutes early to allow time to fill out our New Patient form.


For more information, call us directly on 03 9458 5166


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