Children with Handwriting Difficulties

What is hand therapy for children with handwriting difficulties?

Many children will experience difficulties with handwriting during their primary and secondary school years. This can affect a child’s emotional, social, and physical wellbeing. Difficulties with handwriting may also disrupt learning at school.


Handwriting is a complex process that requires coordination of the eyes, arms, and hands, with body posture, pencil grip, and letter formation. Our hand therapy practitioners have experience working with children to correct handwriting difficulties. Our staff can assess and treat the fine hand skills that support successful handwriting.

Handwriting Difficulty Symptoms

Common symptoms of handwriting difficulties include:


  • Difficulty holding a pen or pencil
  • Pain when holding a pen or pencil
  • Difficulty forming letters
  • Illegible handwriting
Children with Handwriting Difficulties, Melbourne Hand Rehab, Hand Conditions


Our hand therapy practitioners can provide a thorough assessment and intervention for children with handwriting difficulties. A typical assessment includes:


  • A discussion of your child’s overall development, assessing their strengths and limitations
  • An assessment of each of the physical hand skills required for successful handwriting, including:
    • Muscle strength
    • Endurance
    • Muscle coordination
    • Control of movement.
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Improving handwriting skills also supports other daily living tasks that require dexterity and fine motor skill (such as doing up buttons or shoelaces). Typical treatments for handwriting difficulties include:


  • Parent education and advice
  • Suggestions for home activities that develop and strengthen handwriting skills
  • Hand therapy sessions at one of our clinics
  • A visit to your child’s school or kindergarten – this allows us to liaise with teachers and provide effective strategies to best help your child

What’s next?

If your child is having handwriting difficulties, consult one of our hand therapy practitioners today.


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