Tennis Elbow Treatment

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is the most common cause of pain felt on the outside of the elbow. It is typically an overuse injury. Pain occurs after repeated activities that include gripping, lifting, pruning and tennis.


Tennis elbow involves a tendon that begins at the elbow and connects to muscles that control movement in the wrist. This tendon becomes swollen and painful after increased use. Pain can occur suddenly after an extra load of work, (like a big weekend of pruning), or more gradually after years of repeated activity.


Tennis elbow is common amongst people who perform heavy gripping, repetitive wrist movements or work with an outstretched arm. These include tennis players, golfers, musicians and manual workers.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

The main symptom of tennis elbow is pain on the outside of the elbow. This pain is made worse by gripping, squeezing or lifting when the palm of the hand is facing down. Pain occurs especially with an outstretched arm. In chronic cases, the elbow may become stiff after periods of rest.

Therapist Karen Fitt discusses Tennis Elbow symptoms and how online video consultations (Telehealth) can be used in the treatment and recovery process.

Tennis Elbow Assessment

It is important to accurately assess and determine tennis elbow as the correct diagnosis. A typical assessment includes:


  • A conversation about your symptoms and relevant medical history
  • A careful examination of your elbow and wrist including range of motion and strength testing
  • An assessment of the upper arm and neck
  • An assessment of the activity or task that has contributed to the problem

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Treatment for tennis elbow usually involves:


  • Education about the condition
  • Splinting
  • Taping
  • Movement and massage of the affected area
  • A graduated exercise program
  • Advice on activity modification to reduce the problem, such as loosening your grip on your golf club
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What’s next?

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