Musician Injuries

Treatment for Musician Injuries


Playing an instrument requires the hands and wrists to be in peak condition. Musicians injuries can be playing related and also often occur off the instrument but impact the ability to play.


At Melbourne Hand Rehab, we offer a range of effective treatments for musician injuries. At your first appointment we will take the time to understand your injury and what you want to achieve from hand therapy. We will then work with you to create an individual treatment plan that considers your individual needs and the demands of your music.


In addition to understanding what is happening to your hands and wrists when you play, we also consider the additional demands of schedules, travel and lifting and transporting your instrument.


If possible, please bring your instrument to your first appointment. If you play a large instrument that is difficult to transport, a video of you playing would be very helpful. This will help us to get an accurate understanding of your body posture and hand and wrist movements while you play.


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