Splints and Braces

Splints and Braces for hand & wrist injuries

Melbourne Hand Rehab provides expert advice, manufacture and fitting of hand braces and splints. Our splinting expertise is one of the major factors that sets us apart.


Hand therapists use splints and braces to support an injured area after an accident, illness or operation. Your hand therapists will talk to you about which splint or brace is most appropriate to your individual situation.


At Melbourne Hand Rehab, we make customised splints and braces on the spot, and usually during your first appointment. Most of our splints and braces are made from thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastic materials can be remoulded to account for a reduction in swelling and to add extra comfort. Some splints and braces can also be made from leather.

If your hand therapist suggests a customised splint or brace, it will typically be because they want to:


  • allow joints to rest and heal
  • avoid or correct deformity
  • immobilise joints
  • increase your range of motion
  • protect healing wounds
  • protect your hand or wrist during exercise or repetitive movements


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