Hydrotherapy uses the mechanical and thermal effects of water for low impact rehabilitation. Melbourne Hand Rehab offers hydrotherapy classes across three Melbourne locations:



Hydrotherapy has proven effectiveness for relieving pain and swelling. It is very helpful for people with neck and shoulder pain as well for those with pain and swelling in the wrist or hand.


Our hydrotherapy physiotherapists will tailor a specific hydrotherapy program to you, based on your specific rehabilitation goals.


Hydrotherapy pools are heated to 34 degrees. Exercise at this temperature allows for:


  • Greater range of movement
  • Pain relief
  • Swelling reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Stability building
  • Strengthening

Suitable conditions for hydrotherapy


Many conditions benefit greatly from water exercises. Common conditions we love to treat during hydrotherapy include:



Your therapist can help guide you through why hydrotherapy might be appropriate for you.


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Older man and woman participating in a hand therapy hydrotherapy class


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