Hand Therapy Bulleen

Our qualified and highly experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists at Melbourne Hand Rehab Bulleen clinic are wrist and hand rehabilitation specialists.


Hand therapy is a key part of recovery following hand surgery. Our Bulleen clinic is primarily a post-operative clinic providing hand therapy care to surgical patients.


26 Manningham Road

Bulleen VIC 3105


Phone: (03) 9458 5166 (all clinics)

Fax: (03) 9867 5397

Email: info@melbournehand.com.au


Clinic opening hours:

Tuesday 9am – 1pm

Thursday 9am – 1pm


Please call 03 9458 5166 for appointments or use the booking link.


Off street patient parking available.


Public transport:

Bus – Approx. 130m to buses 280, 282 and 903.


Harrison Evans – Occupational Therapist

Charlotte Lane – Physiotherapist

Harrison Evans, Occupational Therapist working in hand therapy, Melbourne Hand Rehab
Charlotte Lane, Physiotherapist and Practitioner in Hand Therapy at Melbourne Hand Rehab

Our post-operative clinics are located at Richmond – Victoria Gardens, Moorabbin and Bulleen, but we are able to help you to manage your post-operative injury at any of our clinic locations.

Surgeon operates on patient with carpal tunnel sundrome
Melbourne hand rehab expert post-operative hand therapy

Book an appointment at our Bulleen clinic


Use the link below or call 03 9458 5166 to book an appointment



For enquiries and appointments please call 03 9458 5166.