Hand Injuries AFL Football

Getting Back to Sport Sooner

Football season is back! And with it comes those niggly thumb and finger injuries – fractures, dislocations and more.

Can you play through them? Should you?

Usually, no. It can be hard to tell during a game whether or not you’ve broken any bones. Even if you haven’t fractured anything, you’ve injured the tissue around the joint. If you don’t give your fingers the chance to heal by taking a break from catching marks, they won’t.  

However, if you come in for an assessment at Melbourne Hand Rehab our qualified therapists will not only develop an exercise program specific to you, but they can make you a custom splint and sports guard to help you return to your sport sooner (and safer!).

Splints & Sports Guards

Splints and sports guards protect your joints and bones, keeping them safe from knocks and putting them in the best position to heal. 

Splints are made from a plastic material that moulds to your body with just a little bit of heat. Velcro straps are added to make sure they fit just right and are easy to put on and take off. We will make adjustments to the fit of your splint as your finger or thumb heals at no additional charge to you.

Sports guards are made from the same material, but formed to protect your hand and fingers from impact and re-injury. They will also allow you to complete all the hand movements you need to successfully mark the ball, hand pass, and tackle.

I don’t play footy, will splints and sports guards help me return to my sport?

Maybe. Splints and sports guards will help protect your fingers and thumb as they heal. However, not all sports allow players to use splints or sports guards during competition. Discuss your sport with your therapist and they will help you determine how to safely return to your sport as fast as possible.

Book an appointment today at Melbourne Hand Rehab to discover the best option for you!


By Karen Friesen