Melbourne Hand Rehab Hydrotherapy for Hand Therapy

Hydrotherapy and your hand, wrist, or elbow injury

Will hydrotherapy really help my recovery?


For those that love getting in the pool – Great news! Hydrotherapy, or exercise in a heated pool, is often a great addition to healing a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. If you are not such a fan of cold water there is also good news. Classes are held in water that is heated to a comfortable 34 degrees Celsius!

Buoyancy of water and the thermal effects of heated water enable patients to complete appropriate strengthening exercises.

Hydrotherapy improves:

  • pain from swelling
  • post-surgical stiffness
  • loss of range of motion
  • loss of strength


Common conditions

  • Wrist fractures
  • Hand forearm and elbow fractures
  • Tennis elbow or golfers elbow
  • Tendonopathies
  • Arthritis


Your hydrotherapy exercises are not the same as your normal exercises

Please note that hydrotherapy exercises are unique to water-based rehabilitation classes and are not land based exercises held in water. Hand therapists and physiotherapists can guide you through and answer a number or questions regarding hydrotherapy specific rehabilitation. For example:

  • What exercises should I be doing?
  • How many and how often do I do my exercises?
  • Should I be feeling a stretch or pain?
  • What do I do to progress my exercises?


Remember, everyone is different and heal in their own time.  Follow-up is important.  Continue to ask questions as they arise, write them down or put them in the notes in your phone as you go to ask your therapist.  Your therapist will have the right answers tailored to you.

Hydrotherapy is also held in a class setting for those that love a bit of company or if you prefer your rehabilitation to be more independent.  Your therapist will tailor an individual programme for your goals. We will ensure you are doing the right activities at the right time for your best results.