Melbourne Hand Rehab has in-house gyms at their Richmond, Werribee, North Essendon and Mill Park clinics.

Rehab at home – wrist proprioception & stability exercises

No Gym? No Problem!


While Melbourne Hand Rehab have in-house gyms at our Werribee, Richmond, North Essendon and Mill Park clinics to help you achieve your hand therapy and fitness goals, nothing is more important than keeping up with your rehab at home.

There are many strength and mobility exercises that you can do that don’t require specialised gym equipment. We’ve got a few great exercises that only require common items that you probably have available at home.

Wrist proprioception is important to recover after any wrist injury as it helps with coordination and control of your movements. Watch our video to learn how you can improve your proprioception at home.


Wrist stability exercises using a tennis racket, cricket bat, hammer or even a broom are designed to activate the muscles responsible for stabilising your wrist and increase your strength and control. Wrist stability exercises provide you with the foundation you need to lift heavier weights without discomfort and give you a solid base for your hand and finger movements.

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By Karen Friesen