Little girl with cast on her arm covering her eyes

Watch a cast being removed

Ever wondered about the process of removing a cast?


Hand therapists use splints, braces and casts to support an injured area after an accident, illness or operation. Having your cast removed can be an exciting time for patients – but some are also anxious once they realise the cast will be removed with an electric saw!!!

Watch our behind the scenes video as hand therapist Steph, removes a wrist immobilisation cast for one of her clients at our Werribee clinic. As you can see, this saw is specially designed to enable safe removal without damage to the skin! Don’t worry, its Rated G.

Melbourne Hand Rehab provides expert advice, manufacture and fitting of hand braces and splints. Our splinting expertise is one of the major factors that sets us apart.



Steph Konstantindis, Practitioner in Hand Therapy

Stephanie Konstantinidis