What do hand therapists do?

The term ‘hand therapy‘ is little known in Australia, yet it plays an enormous role in the lives of thousands of people every year. Here, we provide a quick overview of hand therapy, and the important jobs that hand therapists perform each day.

Many Australians have never heard of hand therapy or hand therapists. In fact, it is often not until someone injures or loses correct function in their hand that they even give any thought to the topic.

Just as there are therapists for the neck, back, lower limbs, and throat, there are also therapists who deal specifically with issues of the hand. Our hands are a vital part of our body, and we often don’t thin about just how difficult life can be without them.

Hand injuries are the most common work-related injury in Australia

According to WorkSafe Australia, hand and wrist injuries are the most common work-related type of injury, accounting for more than 8000 admissions to hospitals per year.  This number dos not include individuals with hand and wrist injuries and diseases that have not required hospital admission.

Hand injuries can affect anyone, particularly to those who perform repetitive work, lifting, or have experienced an abrupt force injury such as a fall. The repercussions of a hand injury can often be devastating as it affects one’s ability to perform their daily activities including work, household tasks, and sports.

At Melbourne Hand Rehab, our hand therapists are trained to deal with the very issues affecting daily life as a result of a hand injury.  We see a broad range of individuals from children through to older adults. Our patients include desk workers, musicians, homemakers, and manual labourers.  Their injuries rang from simple fractures to complex surgeries.

People delay seeing treatment because they don’t know about hand therapists. We find that there is often a delay in individuals seeking treatment due to a lack of knowledge about the availability of hand therapy services. This is frustrating as it is proven that seeing help early usually results in a better outcome and faster recovery.

Whichever stage of injury you have, the team at Melbourne Hand Rehab will work to provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of your injury. We also aim to support you to get back into your daily activities. If you or anyone you know have a hand or wrist related injury, book a consultation with one of our hand therapists today.