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Work related hand and wrist injuries

The term ‘hand therapy’ is often little known. Ask a typical Australian on the street and he or she would likely tell you that they have never heard of hand therapy or a hand therapist. It is surprising because just as there are therapists for the neck, back, lower limb, and throat, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are therapists who deal specifically with issues of the hand including work related hand injuries. Moreover, our hands are a vital part of our body.

According to WorkSafe Australia, hand and wrist injuries are the most common work-related type of injury, accounting for more than 8000 admissions to hospitals per year. This staggering number does not include individuals with hand and wrist issues not requiring hospital admission. The fact is, hand injuries can affect anyone, particularly those who perform repetitive work or lifting, or as a result of an abrupt force or movement such as in a fall. The repercussions of a hand injury can often be devastating or a pain as it affects one’s ability to perform their daily activities such as their work or sports.

At Melbourne Hand Rehab, our hand therapists are trained to deal with the very issues affecting your daily life as a result of your hand injury. We see a broad range of individuals from children through to older adults, from desk workers to manual laborers, from simple fractures to complex injuries. We have found that there is often a delay in individuals seeking treatment due to a lack of knowledge about the availability of such services. As the saying goes, seek help early and it will give you a better outcome. However, whichever stage of injury you are at, at Melbourne Hand Rehab we endeavor to provide an accurate diagnosis and therefore treatment of your injury, and support you back to your daily activities. If you or any one you know have a hand or wrist-related injury, come consult one of our hand therapists today.

Download the report: Work Related Hand and Wrist Injuries in Australia

by Angela Cheng