Sports Injuries, Tennis Elbow

Do I have Tennis Elbow?

Do you have elbow pain? Is it worse when you’re trying to lift something like the kettle? Will it just not go away no matter how hard you try to ignore it?  Then you could have tennis elbow. The bad news is, tennis elbow will just get worse without the right treatment. The good news is– we know what the most effective treatment is!

Tennis Elbow is caused by wear and tear of the tendon at your elbow.  It usually occurs in people between the ages of 35-50. People that have jobs that are repetitive are more at risk, particularly if it involves lifting with a straight arm, for example tradies, air hostesses receptionists.

Interestingly enough, the tendon that is angry here is the tendon that’s job it is to lift your wrist up that is the culprit here. So therapy for tennis elbow usually involves some restriction or support at the wrist.

It’s usually not necessary for you to give up all your hobbies or take time off work. Tendons like load, they just hate change. So gradually building up your strength will be the key here to your recovery.

By Crystal Goodwin