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Physio Pitchfest picks Pronosupinator as winner

Melbourne Hand Rehab is proud to announce that two of our hand therapy team members have just won a major Australian Physiotherapy Association award funded by the Physiotherapy Research Foundation. The Physio Pitchfest fosters innovation and helps to identify new ideas or concept that address an unmet clinical need in physiotherapy.

Brodwen and Jeff were the winners of the Judges Award for their invention the Pronosupinator, which is a dynamic splint to improve the range of motion of the forearm. This splint fills a gap in the market.

For decades now, practitioners in hand therapy have struggled to make a splint to effectively gain this movement back for patients unable to turn their palm up or down after an elbow or wrist fracture. Now the Pronosupinator is available on the spot in the clinic after a consultation and fitting. Previously, a similar splint made by the therapist would take 1-2 hours to make.

Read the Health Times article on the event here


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