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Why seek home visit hand therapy?

As natural ageing occurs, we all become more prone to falls. One of the more common injuries we see in our elderly demographic are wrist fractures following falls. Even with our very independent patients, there can be a period where travel is not feasible.

Why seek home visit hand therapy?

Often our older patients will have other health concerns, mobility difficulties, or transport situations. Travel during and shortly after splinting is often less easy than before. With fractures of the wrist and hand, splinting and casting allow the bones to heal. However, when the hand and arm are not moving during this time, the fingers and shoulder can become stiff and lose some of their strength. These changes happen to everyone in a splint, regardless of age, but are much more pronounced in older populations.

It is ideal to have symptoms and movement exercises reviewed by a hand therapist along the healing journey. With home consults, you can be confident that you are being professionally guided to minimise stiffness in the fingers and shoulder while your splint is on. Points of discomfort can often be remoulded or padded to make your experience more agreeable.

Accessing home visits following cast removal allows patients to develop confidence along with strength and movement in a safe and familiar environment. There is no public transport, no loading-and unloading a walker/negotiating unfamiliar spaces with a frame; and we work to your schedule.

  • Perhaps you could benefit from hand therapy following a fall and find its not easy to travel?
  • Perhaps someone you are caring for could use a bit of extra attention and help completing their home exercises and maximising their comfort?
  • Perhaps you simply prefer the no-fuss convenience of home appointments?


Our home therapy team is available to help you reach your goals at your home and to your schedule.

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Frequently asked questions about our Home Visit service

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