Nicholas Reither

Qualifications & Associations

  • Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice | La Trobe University, Bundoora | 2019
  • Master of Music Performance | Australian National University, Canberra | 2008
  • BMus (Hons) Music Performance | Australian National University, Canberra | 2007
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Special Interests

Nicholas has a special interest in treating:


As a tertiary-trained classical flautist and physiotherapist, Nicholas has an understanding of the demands of a music performance lifestyle and a knowledge of human physiology. This is a powerful combination for identification and effective management of musician’s injuries and their underlying causes.


Nicholas’ interest in combat injuries stems from his practice of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nicholas is interested in being part of a cultural change in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where martial artists can maintain hand health and avoid long-term dysfunction by seeking early appropriate treatment for injuries.


I was fortunate to see Nicholas for rehabilitation of a debilitating wrist injury I had sustained. Nicholas’ professionalism, practical knowledge and support through the months I had attended the clinic helped build up my strength and confidence during the rehabilitation process. I would highly recommend!




Experience & Professional Development

Nicholas has worked at Melbourne Hand Rehab as a hand therapist since January 2019. During his university studies he assisted at the Bundoora Extended Aged Care as a volunteer.




  • Department of Health, Infection Control Training – COVID 19 | March 2020

  • MHR PD Seminar – Wrist Course | February 2020

  • MHR PD Seminar Combat Sports – Hand & Wrist Injuries | January 2020

About Nicholas Reither

My approach to care: In addition to symptom management, I believe it is important to consider the way in which life events are impacting symptoms, and to factor these considerations into a client’s personalised treatment plan.


Effective treatment should facilitate behavioural and conceptual client change, enabling independent and long-lasting self-management.


I regard education about symptoms and their appropriate treatment options as one of the greatest gifts admitting patients a key role in their own recovery story.


My practice of martial arts is an important part of my life and assists in better treatment of combat injuries. I enjoy learning about engineering and fabrication – observing parallels between human physiology and biomechanics and man-made fabrications.

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Clinic Locations


Nicholas is available for consultation at the following clinics:


For enquiries and appointments please call 03 9458 5166