Older man and woman participating in a hand therapy hydrotherapy class

5 ‘water-tight’ reasons to love hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is up and running at Melbourne Hand Rehab! Now is a great time to start or get back on track with your rehabilitation. Here are 5 reasons why you should come along to our hydrotherapy sessions!


It’s pain-relieving and relaxing

Hydrotherapy is completed in a warm pool heated to a comfortable 30-34 degrees celsius. The temperature of the water can provide a soothing sensation that has been proven to promote muscle relaxation and reduce soreness. It has also been shown to improve mood which is a natural pain reliever for many people.

Hydrotherapy is considered a low-impact physical activity, which means that the buoyancy of the water can lower the load taken on the joints. For many musculoskeletal conditions, this can help to reduce pain!

Improves strength and movement

Exercising in the water is an excellent way to build muscle strength and improve movement. There are all sorts of exercises that can be completed during hydrotherapy that may be too difficult on land. 

For instance, water buoyancy, water depth, water drag and the use of different equipment can all be used to upgrade your exercises according to your personal needs. Weekly hydrotherapy can gradually build and improve your rehabilitation. Our therapists measure and track your progress at your local clinic, but many clients attending hydrotherapy can feel the difference themselves!

Older man and woman participating in a hand therapy hydrotherapy class

Fun group setting

Sessions are led by two hand therapists and groups can include up to six clients. Many of your other hydrotherapy mates will have very similar conditions to you and will be able to relate to your personal experiences. 

Our sessions are delivered in a fun and easily accessible way. Everyone is welcome to have a chat whilst completing exercises and our friendly therapists are always available to talk through exercise techniques and answer any questions you may have.

Tailored to you

Hydrotherapy exercises are always going to be tailored to your specific condition. Exercises can easily be down or upgraded depending on your current level of fitness, movement and strength.

Here are some examples of different exercises and equipment we use to train different areas of the body:

  • Different level floats
  • Rows
  • Paddles


Equipment used in hand therapy hydrotherapy treatment include floats, rows and paddles

Suitable for all conditions

Many conditions benefit greatly from water exercises. Common conditions we love to treat during hydrotherapy include:

…and anything in between! Your therapist can help guide you through why hydrotherapy would be appropriate for you. 

Melbourne Hand Rehab hand therapists run hydrotherapy sessions at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.

Hydrotherapy runs weekly at the Heidelberg Repat Hospital, which is only 5 minutes away from our Ivanhoe Clinic

By Winnie Ye


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