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Experience & Professional Development

Brandon completed a Bachelor of Health sciences at Latrobe university where he majored in Anatomy and Physiology which provided him a comprehensive understanding of anatomy through subjects that cover topics like human physiology, histology, neuroanatomy, and musculoskeletal anatomy.


He then furthered his learning and completed a Master of Occupational Therapy at Swinburne University in 2023, where through a combination of theoretical coursework and hands-on clinical experiences, learnt how to assess and address the physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges that individuals face in their daily lives. He has clinical experience in hand therapy, inpatient hospital and aged care settings.


Brandon worked as Personal Trainer and Membership Coordinator at a fitness centre for 7 years whilst studying full time.


Attendance, presentations & research:

  • Australian Department of Health, Infection Control Training – COVID 19 | 2023
  • Rapid Review on ‘What fatigue screening and assessment tools can be utilized by Occupational Therapists in a hospital setting’ for St Vincent’s hospital.
  • Collaboration with TOM Melbourne to design and create assistive technology

About Brandon Moore

My approach to care: Having lived a very health driven and sport active lifestyle I have sustained multiple hand injuries in the past I have a strong understanding and appreciation for the rehabilitative journey that is involved in getting back to optimal functioning. The importance of our hands cannot be overstated, as they are one of the most essential parts of the human body, playing a crucial role in daily activities and overall well-being. Having a holistic perspective which considers all facets of an individual, not purely their physical health has always been my favored approach.


Outside of work I enjoy the gym, gaming, sports, keeping active and experiencing different food.

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